Sheacoco Products

Sheacoco is a purposefully driven cosmetic company dedicated to the production of fully organic cosmetic products that are capable of treating varying degree of hair and skin conditions. Our ingredients natural and organically sourced ensuring that there are no awful after effects on the body unlike chemically produced cosmetic products.
We strive for perfection and every product we make is scrutinized from the formulation stage through production and then packaging, ensuring that the final output is not only effective but aesthetically pleasing to the consumer Our. goal is to lead a massive revolution in the cosmetic industry by focusing of the use of natural and organic additives in cosmetic products rather than the norm of chemical mixtures used by major cosmetic brands which have hazardous consequences on the body of its users and can cause long term implications in users. We aspire to continue with the massive education of Nigerians on the advantages of using natural and organic cosmetic products like our and discarding chemically formulated products.Our Major products are Sheacoco Body wash, Sheacoco Pain relieve, Sheacoco Skin and Scalp cream and Shea coco virgin coconut oil. All these products are capable of treating a wide range of skin and hair infections and for keeping a smooth, fresh and healthy skin.

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